The Meandering Mind of a Curious Girl

This is the thought process of a girl as she journeys through life. The girl is contemplating who she is being called to become.

Boys are dumb but sometimes I’m just as stupid.

Sometimes I get so upset! How do I deal with this stuff???? I’ve never had to before and I don’t know what to do, but it’s upsetting and it hurts and I dot understand it. It’s fear and worry and insecurity and mistrust. How do I eliminate these things? Ugh. I haven’t missed venting here


That moment when you’re boiling mad. And might punch somebody but will probably just drive home.

I’m so stressed out

I hate this I just need to take a break and cry and I cant because I don’t have time and I just want all my problems to go away! :( :( :’(


:( :( :(

I just need a really good cry and some deep thinking and resolution. All these insecurities though :/ I hate old habits. Will he be able to accept them? More importantly will I be able to either change or accept them? *sigh* I need a hug.


C’mon dude, do what you gotta do, say what you gotta say. If you met somebody just say it, rip it off quick like a band aid you sleaze. Don’t keep chickening out dipstick.

C’mon, really??? All I want to do is have fun. Instead last night was a giant waste of time. Your boyfriend is inconsiderate and now you owe me eight bucks. C’mon.

C’mon dude, we can’t be together! My family hates you! Why are you being difficult! I refuse to like you! It’s just a bad idea. But it would be fun to piss off the other guy… Hmm… Come on…

Melancholy and lonely. I guess this is why we want someone. Love cures loneliness. And if we can’t find love we try to force it or create it ourselves. It’s a terrible cycle to be caught in.

What I Feel

Our society shouldn’t place so much importance on love (romantic love) or soul mates. Heartbreak is one of the most miserable things a person can go through. I can’t fathom going through a divorce. Love is more important in other aspects of life. Relying in another person to “complete you” or bring you happiness is ridiculous. Happiness comes in the little things. In the moments. Happiness is not a constant state of being, and to assume that another can make it constant is foolish. Life is life. Friendship is the most important thing. Friends will be there through the good and the bad and the ugly. That’s unconditional love. They don’t have to be attracted to you all the time, they are there no matter what, and it’s healthy. It’s not an infatuation or an addiction. It’s a relationship based on value, trust and understanding. A lack of intimacy may be helpful. That being said I want the fabled love. I want the soulmate the addiction the love and the lust. I want it all. But it may not be possible. Ashton signing out.

Feel like Crying

I just want your devotion, your affection, and to hold a special place in your heart. I don’t want to just be friends. I just want to know you care, that’s all. I want to be held close and feel treasured and you can’t get that with just anybody. Why does romance have to be so complicated? Nobody gets out alive…